What authors are saying...

Ann Voskamp

“More than championing authors, Bill ultimately champions the Word Himself. I know no higher compliment. After decades of experience at every level of publishing, with expansive relationships and extensive expertise, what differentiates Bill is that Bill is more than merely in publishing, Bill is passionately in ministry. He not only has a sharp, creative mind, a relentlessly productive mind, Bill has the mind of Christ. I cannot fathom trusting anyone to advocate for words and the message of the Word like I trust Bill. Co-laboring with Bill is a privilege of a lifetime and I count him one of the greatest gifts from God our family has ever known.”

Dominic Done

“It has been such a joy to know and work with Bill. He is uniquely gifted and qualified, brimming with ideas, passionate about publishing, and deeply grasps the complexities, opportunities, and calling writers have to speak into our culture. I am deeply grateful for his wisdom and expertise.”

Sharon Jaynes

“Bill Jensen has been invaluable to me as an agent and a friend. With warmth and wisdom, Bill has been a brainstorming, idea-bouncing, door-knocking, heart-checking encourager who has pointed me to roads previously not taken and then helped me get there. He’s an original renaissance man who can fight off a bear in the woods while listening to the opera Falstaff through his earbuds.”

Gretchen Saffles

“Working with Teresa and WKJ Literary Agency has been a gift. Teresa and Bill are not only incredibly skilled as agents, they also genuinely care for the authors they work with along with the readers who will one day read their books. They are true to their word and passionate about their mission as they glorify God and help spread the good news of the gospel!”

Greta Esteridge

“To my incredible agent, Teresa, we both know this book would not be here without you.  You have been my guide, my mentor, my cheerleader, my advocate, and my friend from day one.  Grateful for you doesn’t begin to cover it.” 

Dr. Kyle DiRoberts

“Teresa Evenson, thank you for taking a chance on me.  Having you by my side throughout this process has been an answer to prayer.  You get me and my writing.  As an agent, you truly care about your authors and I’m thankful to be one of them.  You are a great advocate and I’ve learned so much already just following your lead.”

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