To establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the author and publisher based on communication, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.


We bring over 70 years of combined experience to every aspect of publishing. We have worked closely with numerous influential authors helping them to develop and launch bestselling books.


We make ourselves accessible to our authors with all generosity of time, talents, experience, creativity, and gifting; partnering alongside them to assure the highest quality of work.


Our focus is forward-looking, watching intently for emerging ideas, viewpoints, and needs that are unique to our time.


We are committed to honesty and integrity in all our opinions and business dealings with authors and publishers.


We love books. Through books we have been introduced to new lands, ideas, people, information, art, fantasy, places, history and so much more. This has enriched our lives beyond measure. Also, we find the whole business of book publishing enjoyable and rewarding. The creativity, writing, sales, back cover copy, interior layout, editing, submissions, marketing, editors, publicists, publishers, and on and on, is just flat-out fun.


We are committed to the Bible as the final authority in all matters of faith which permeates all we do in life and work. The William K Jensen Literary Agency seeks to partner with authors whose books bring a fresh revelation of the grace of God to a hurting world.